Septic Repair in Little Rock, AR

Are you on the lookout for a Little Rock, AR, septic repair specialist? The professional technicians at Meinco, Inc can help. Operating in Little Rock, AR, since 1996, our experienced team truly understands the needs of property owners in this area. We strive to offer the highest quality customer care to make sure that you are our client and friend for life.

Nothing stinks more than trying to fix a broken waste management system on your property. You never can be sure of what is festering just under the surface, nor how extensive the damage is. If you’re in Little Rock, you don't have to manage this issue alone. Instead, let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Our team provides waste system installation, system repairs and tank inspections. We offer a multitude of benefits and perks as part of our services including:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • STEP Package - Septic Tank Effluent Pumps
  • Onsite wastewater services
  • WLRHBA - West Little Rock Home Builders Association

When the time comes to call a Little Rock, AR, septic repair professional, the place to go is Meinco, Inc. Our experienced technicians can handle all of your waste water system issues. No project is too big or too small. Conveniently located in Little Rock, AR, we pride ourselves on being there promptly when you need us. Give us a call now for more information or a free estimate.


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  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Established In 1996 - 17 Years Of Experience
  • Technicians Available In Your Area
  • Quick Response
  • References Available
  • On Site Waste Water Service
  • STEP Package - Septic Tank Effluent Pumps
  • WLRHBA - West Little Rock Home Builders Association
  • NOWRA and WEFTec Member
  • Perc, Perk, Percolation Testing
  • Class II Operator
  • Free Phone Estimates